Dallas Cowboys Day 3 2014 NFL Draft

Dallas Cowboys An Episode of Dallas? I hope not because I came here for Football. I have this attached GIF — look for the link http://dallascowboys.nickdrumsalot.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/jerry-jones-day1andday2-nfldraft2104.gif Still one has Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones on Day 1 of the NFL Draft. Jerry is pensive, sitting literally closer to son Stephen, as they play a conservative […]

Day Two NFL Draft

http://youtu.be/yde82MK8TJ8 Congratulations to Zach Martin, Cowboys pick at 16. I was pulling for Zach, even over fellow Aggie Johnny Manzeil. I love awesome running attacks — 6 yards up the middle on a draw from the 21 formation is about my favorite play. I wanted a trade down in addition to taking Martin but the […]

Dallas Cowboys Eve of the NFL Draft 2014

Took a break from posting – BECAUSE ANYTHING WORTH SAYING ABOUT THE DRAFT WAS ALREADY SAID TWO MONTHS AGO. – there was nothing to talk about. I’m predicting Dallas takes a linemen. At 16, the players you want are too high- great weakside defensive ends are likely to rise out of Dallas’s reach. The next […]

Dallas Cowboys News 4/15/14

Reviewing the Cowboys‘ drafts: 2010 ESPN (blog) IRVING, Texas — Day 2 of reviewing the Dallas Cowboys‘ last five drafts … How they did: The Cowboys landed two building-block players in Bryant … ESPN (blog) In Will McClay, Cowboys will be covered ESPN (blog) In his current job as the Dallas Cowboys‘ assistant director of […]

April 11th 2014 Dallas Cowboys Links

Ten Burning Questions Surrounding the Dallas Cowboys And with some major losses suffered in the offseason, the Dallas Cowboys are under more pressure than ever to have a successful draft. Especially … ` NFL Trade Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Target Miles Austin, Earl Bennet, Mike Evans Latino Post The Dallas Cowboys might be looking to add […]

Evaluating Dallas’ Front 7 and 8 7th Round Prospects to Draft

**** (In the video I said Matt Patchan would play Right Tackle for me, I meant to say I’d have him play Right Guard; as a tackle he’d be over coming a lot) We’re about a month away from the draft. Dallas is unlikely to make many more signings before then. I’m not even sure […]

Demarcus Ware Shock, Henry Melton Signing, Draft Anticipation

It’s been a bit since I posted and there’s been a lot of big news since then. But not yet the draft so let’s recount the turbulent Spring so far. Demarcus Ware shock. I’m in complete shock Dallas released Demarcus Ware. He’s one of the best players to ever play his position, a real blue […]

Post Combine, Talking Short Shuttle and 40s for Defensive Linemen

How about Aaron Donald? He went from being slightly over drafted to probably not available for Dallas, in my estimation. That said, he wasn’t that different from Sharriff Floyd who ran a 4.8 or so at 300 lbs. It’s up to Marenelli to sign off saying he has the quick twitch needed. Aaron Donald, many […]

Dallas, Defensive Ends, and the Super Star Problem

Welcome back to my Dallas Cowboys blog. This post bears the full weight of my ADD but if you bear with me I do have a point, regarding DeMarcus Ware and Dallas’s front 4. Last time, I laid out how unpredictable the Cowboys were in evaluating defensive end talent based on combine scores. You know […]